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Echoes of the Last War
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Jon's Eberron Campaign: Echoes of the Last War's LiveJournal:

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
9:43 pm
eberron update #12 (at last!)
When we last left the intrepid heroes:

Departing Sharn, in pursuit of the fleeing spy, Lucan Stellos, the heroes made their way along the Orien Trade road traveling through southern Breland, south of the King's Forest. Despite being several days behind, they managed to make good time, largely in part due to the speed of the magebred steeds. The road was well traveled, and other than a slightly dangerous encounter with a cockatrice, the party had little complications. (DM: the only thing notable about the wandering monster was how quickly it was killed - it only got one attack off!)

About 12 days into the trip, during one of the stops along the way, the heroes found out that Lucan had been delayed in the town obtaining new mounts to replace his broken, worn-out horses. The delay put him just outside of the town, within a few hours of hard riding. Not even taking time to rest, the party continued pressing on, even as the sun set.

Along a portion of the road overlooking one of the sea cliffs, the party finally managed to catch a glimpse of the black, Karrnathi coach. Imagine the scene, if you will - racing along on horseback trying to catch a carriage along a cliff-side road, barreling along at top speed. The group got within bow range of the coach when the driver noticed the pursuit, and sped the carriage up.

The party pushed the horses further as the driver turned around, and unleashed a blast of potent magic - a fireball spell! Unfortunately, the entire party was grouped together, and the firey blast caught most of the group, killing the horses of Zivain, Eckret and Keeno. As the spellcasters lagged behind, Anuar, 47, and Roland spread out, and cut the distance between them and the carriage.

Meanwhile, a group of dire wolves came of the forest along the north edge of the forest, and attacked the floundering spell casters. A quick healing spell from Eckret brought the wizard back into the battle, (since the fall from the horse, coupled with the damage from the fireball managed to knock him into unconsciousness), and his spells began to turn the tide.

The rest of the group finally approached within boarding distance. Roland peppered the driver with arrows, and 47 attempted a jump (from horseback, onto a moving carriage - failed Wisdom check anyone?). "Heroing it up", he made the jump, but fell short, and barely managed to catch his fall on the edge of the carriage with one hand. Roland attempted the same jump, and fell short as well, but landing with a better grip on the edge of the coach.

Anuar, however, proved the advantages of actually putting ranks into the Jump skill. Like a pro, Anuar bounded up on top of the carriage and activated his mindblade. Much to his dismay, however, the driver turned around and let loose a 'lightning bolt'. After quaffing a potion, the shifter launched into a flurry of attacks on the wizard driver, ruining any chance of a return spell.

Roland managed to pull himself up onto the coach, but caught a blast of magic missiles. 47, instead of securing a better hold, decided to use his leverage to kick in the door to the carriage. Between Anuar's ferocious assault, and Roland's support, the wizard driver was quickly laid low, despite another wandstrike, in the form of a darkness spell.

As 47 broke into the cabin, only in time to see the form of Lucan Stellos turn to mist, as the VAMPIRE changed into a gaseous cloud to escape. Finally dragging the coach to a halt, the heroes regrouped with the spellcasters (a little worse for wear, but largely intact). The party limped to the next town with a new prisoner - the wizard driver, Lucan's sister Grilsha.

Combining 'charm person' with 'tasha's hideous laughter', they confirmed his destination in Trolanport, but had no further enlightenment on the subject of 'Krell'. They did confirm Lucan's vampire nature, and more reasons for her assistance. Grilsha informed them of attempts by other intelligence organizations to waylay them, including an elven assassin force, and a strange goblin/wolf creature. Leaving her with local authorities, the heroes pressed on.

Bolstered by the delay they caused Lucan by capturing his coach, the party straggled into Trolanport. Turning down an opportunity to hunt sahaugin in the canals of the city, the party spread out to find Lucan. Zivain and Eckret were able to confirm that the Aundairian embassy was hosting a Masquerade ball at the end of the week. Eckret was able to find a source for the tip - the Aundairian ambassador was named Neya ir'Krell. Having the identity of the contact that Lucan was intending to meet, the party could 'arrange' another meeting with Lucan, if they could infiltrate the Masquerade ball.

Keeno used his gnome contacts to find a cousin with tickets to the ball. Zivain and Eckret went all out, spending quite a bit of gold on obtaining costumes to befit royalty. Anuar and 47 inflitrated in with the kitchen staff, hiring on as temporary staff and getting access to the embassy via servant quarters. Roland easily blended in with the help, and would be allowed actual access to the floor, thanks to being human. The shifter and the warforged stood out too much to risk entering the ball.

After a near disastrous attempt by #47 to purchase a decoy ticket from the rival Cannith faction in Trolanport, the entire party managed to arrange access to the grand ball. However, in the close quarters of the ball, little to no supplies would be able to be taken in, save a few choice innocuous magical items. However, the mission was to only confirm Lucan's next destination, rather than attempt to apprehend him at the ball.

The party was a resounding success in Trolanport, and anyone who was anyone showed up to attend. Eckret, Zivain, and Keeno easily got past the guards, thanks to the patronage of Keeno's cousin, and their own charm. 47 and Anuar took turns guarding the servant exits, and passing notes to Roland, who served as a waiter out on the floor of the ball. Eckret provided an excellent distraction for the party to covertly scan the room for Lucan, by putting up a masterful comedic performance on stage. (even doing so well to earn a parton in distant Stormhome in Aundair)

Zivain managed to corner Neya ir'Krell alone, and confirmed, by implying that he was with a rival spy organization, that Lucan was coming to the ball to obtain passage via airship to Karrnath. She was to provide the vampire with traveling papers and monies to make the trip in safety. However, she was not yet aware of his undead state, but Zivain did nothing to assuade her misconceptions.

As the party progressed, the heroes ran into a dilemma - how to find a master of disguise at a MASKED ball. Asking around the other guests, they eventually narrowed the field, and located both Lucan, and Grilsha (escaped from her confinement). However, complications arose when an agent of the Royal Eyes of Aundair attempted to press Lucan, and brought minions along to aid in his capture.

As events began to build up to the inevitable explosion, Eckret and Roland manuevered alongside Grilsha, to try to minimize her impact on the battle. Anuar and 47 prepared for a charge across the room, while Zivain and Keeno moved into supporting lines of fire. Mina, casting a charm spell on Lucan, unaware of his undead immunities, fell back in shock as she frantically tried to reevaluate the situation.

Lucan, with a snap of his magical glove, summoned the Soul Blade to his side, as the crowd panicked. As the massed mortals began running for exits, preventing guards from easily moving to intercept the spy, the party moved into to attack. Lucan quickly cut through Mina's associates, and moved towards an exit. 47 was caught up in the crowd of guests, and couldn't get close enough to stop the vampire. Eckret and Roland managed to drop the sorceress Grilsha before she could do anything but cast a 'web' spell into the crowd. However, Zivain caught the brunt of the spell, and was entangled for the duration of the battle.

Unable to stop Lucan from escaping, the party tried instead to escape themselves. Unfortunately, the crowds prevented any efficient escape. Neya prevented the guards from detaining the party, in exchange for the information that Zivain provided. She informed the adventurers that since Lucan's new change, all her previous alliances were off. She gave them information about his transport to Karrnath, the airship "Cloud's Destiny".

However, complications arose before they could escape the embassy. Zivain, in his helplessness, had been delayed by Shadow Network agents during the ball, as was nowhere to be found. Forced to press on without the mage, in order to catch the airship, the party gathered their weapons and armor on the way across the gnomish city.

At the airship docks, the situation quickly turned dire. As the party ascended to the final docking berth, a group of heavily armored gnome guards intercepted them. With glassy eyes, the dominated dock guards move to prevent the party from boarding the skyship.

Despite the parties best attempts, the only hero able to make it through the gauntlet of guards was Anuar, who wasn't about to board a vessel by himself. Keeno attempted to use a levitate spell and a tow rope to latch onto the ship, but couldn't maintain a hold on the rope, and was cast aside. Falling back to the docking berth, the gnome was horrified to find the bodies of most of the slaughtered gnome guards the party had dispatched in their attempt to board the airship.

Distraught at missing their only chance to stop Lucan from leaving, the party frantically began reviewing plans to catch up to the vampire spy. However, salvation arrived, in the form of Zivain and a pirate airship commanded by Captain Rarwog, a disgraced Lyrander noble, with a well armed and crewed vessel - the "Jade's Fury".

With the impromptu aid, supposedly sent by Neya to aid their pursuit, the party took off through the skies over Khorvaire to intercept the "cloud's Destiny", and capture Lucan, once and for all. However, as adventuring careers go, they couldn't rely on everything turning out well...

Next time, the Skyraiders and the Airship crash, followed by the Lightning Coach battle...

(I figure about 2 more updates like this, and I should be caught up.. wish me luck! - more later)
8:28 pm
quick update, while I work...
Right now, I'm composing the next bits of the Journal update for the game. I'll post what I have later tonight, before I head to bed.

Tomorrow night's game will start about 8:00, if we're lucky. I haven't had any cancellations, so I assume we'll play as scheduled. However, one week from tomorrow, I have to cancel the game. It's my girlfriend's birthday, so I can't game that night. Make plans accordingly.

Next game will conclude the search for Copper, with the party entering into the lair of the deranged warforged. We'll give the party a chance to rest and rememorize spells before entering. It's going to be a tough fight.

Update, for the record on the party standings:

Chris - Anuar Salas, male Shifter Soulknife 3/Ranger 2/Weretouched Master 1
Jacob - Eckret, (unknown) Changeling Cleric 3/Bard 3
Daniel - #47829, male-personality Warforged Monk 5/Fighter 1
David - Keeny, female Gnome Artificer 6
Nolan - Cade Thorngage, male Halfling Barbarian 6
Jrock - Zivain d'Phiarlan, male Aerenal Elf Wizard 6

Nolan and David's original characters died in the 'Whisper of the Vampire's Blade' adventure, so their characters are new ones. They received standard starting treasure, while the survivors split the winnings from the Dark Lantern's reward.

Well, back to the computer for more typing...
Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
5:29 pm
next game
hey gang...

i know, i know.. i haven't posted in a while, but i'll catch up soon, i think.

thursday's game will start late. I have training in ft. worth at 6:00, so i won't be back at the house till 8:30ish. I will be ready to start as soon as i get in, but I'll try to have someone here to open up the house for you in the mean time.

Following last week's catastrophic battle with the zombie minotaur, we are now short two party members. Nolan is making a new halfling barbarian dinosaur rider, and David is making a new gnome artificer. The party reached 6th level, and they got a pittance of the reward they would have received.

Lucan escaped, a foe to fight another day, perhaps, but the heroes ended back up in Sharn. You will have had 4 months to prepare in downtime, for magic item construction, etc. We'll pick back up with the heroes, and help Anuar's master rescue a captive shifter from Thrane, before we start heavy into the next adventure.

that's all for now.. more later.
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
10:43 pm
eberron update #12
Ok, gang.. the prospect of catching up on all the updates is getting kinda daunting... So, I think i am going to try to sum up some of the actions of the party in the quest so far, rather than the specific details. If there's any specifics you want included, get a hold of me at the game, and i'll make a note to add it in at a later date.

Game tomorrow night, at 7:30ish. We have confirmations from most of the group, and no one had any real opposition to playing. We'll try to continue the travel on the Lightning Rail, and continuing the chase after Lucan.

Without further ado, I'll try my best to 'sum up'... tomorrow perhaps... ;)

Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
8:06 pm
eberron update #11
Its been a long while since i posted, so I'll try to get as much as i can remember:
Next game is tomorrow, December 2nd, around 8:00 pm. Nolan, David, Chris, Jake and Dan are confirmed, so god help us, we'll actually get to play a game.


When we last left our intrepid heroes, they had started to feel the itch that came from too much downtime. After successfully raiding Whitehearth for Lady Elaydren of House Cannith, they had used a few months to spend their hard earned loot, and invest in better gear. Lady Elaydren secured an interview for the Wayfinder's Foundation, but before a proper membership could be gained, they'd have to front the significant membership dues to enter.

While some of the group was making the rounds, looking for work in the towers of Sharn, a messenger came looking for Anuar (the defacto contact for the group). With a message that promised 'many friends' for a platinum piece included with the message, and an offer for a discrete job for the next morning. After pondering the options, the group decided to take the mysterious benefactor up for the opportunity.

Eckret remained behind, securing supplies for the inevitable journey that would take place for the job. The others headed for Myriad Tower, to try and find a 'guard near the stairs'. However, once they arrived, the Tower was blocked by a heavy iron gate. However, after dropping the letter in the bowl of a nearby beggar (actually the guard in disguise), they were let up to an upper greenhouse.

Inside the greenhouse, the heroes met with Viorr Maelak, an elderly man, sitting at a small worktable near the edge of the jungle overgrowth. After setting several potions out on the table, he explained that before he could offer them the job, they had to pass an impromptu audition first. Somewhere in the greenhouse was a wild ape. If the group could defeat the ape without killing it, they would be worthy of the offer.

The party set on into the greenhouse, splitting into a loose formation to take advantage of the cover offered by the thick undergrowth. 47 noticed it first, in one of the trees - a large horrid ape. The creature charged Anuar and 47, slamming into them with its acidic claws. The party quickly tried to rally with the monster in their midst, but 47 and Anuar were forced to fall back, quaffing healing potions to stay in the fight. The horrid ape did grevious damage to the heroes, but as it tried to rend 47 into pieces, arrows from Roland, and a flaming spell from Zivain laid it low, wounded, but not dead.

Seeing them perform within his expectations, Viorr led them back out of the foliage, and to the table where a small satchel lay. The group did some quick healing with the potions Maelak had provided, and gathered around for their briefing.

Viorr explained that he was a member of the King's Dark Lanterns, an intelligence organization within Breland's government. As the lead for the King's Citadel in Sharn, he needed discrete adventurers to accomplish a task for the crown, before it had a chance to get out of hand.

One of Viorr's top agents, Lucan Stellos, disappeared while on a mission, only to be seen again while robbing a high-security vault in Sharn, where the crown kept dangerous magical artifacts. Lucan made off with a powerful magical blade - a soul blade, liberated from a Karrnathi warlord during the Last War. Shortly before dawn, Lucan was seen leaving town in a black coach, headed out the East Road, towards Zilargo.

The heroes were hired to recover the rogue spy, and recover the stolen magic sword. For a hefty reward, plus more if the sword was recovered, the heroes began asking more questions about their mission. According the Viorr, Lucan had gained powers he had not had before, based on evidence from the bodies found at the vault. However, the complications began to arise.

Lucan Stellos was a master spy, trained in counter-intelligence. He has contacts, and even more enemies that would want to get to him first. Lucan was in possession of dangerous information, should he be captured by a foreign goverment or power, so the heroes were encouraged to kill him if necessary, to prevent the security breach. Maelak couldn't officially help them, nor could any other Dark Lanterns be involved, since he wasn't sure how far the security breach went into his own organization.

Lucan also has a sister, named Grilsha, that could be aiding his escape. Viorr presented the adventurers with letters of credit, identification papers, and papers for magebred horses from House Vadalis, to aid in their pursuit. The rogue spy only had about an eight-hour lead on the party, but would be moving fast to avoid any pursuit. Based on information that was recovered in Sharn, they knew he was headed to Trolanport, the capital of Zilargo, over 800 miles away via the Orien trade roads.

So, the job became clear: chase the rogue spy, and try to stop him either on the road, or in Trolanport, before he heads to a different location. Luckily, Eckret's early shopping trip came in handy, and the group was able to leave Sharn quickly, after acquiring new steeds.


tomorrow, i'll try to post some more.. only one more entry, i think to catch us up. Next - the chase on the road, and the Trolanport Masquerade ball!


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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
8:42 am
Happy Turkey Day! (or No Game Today)
Ok gang - Today is Thanksgiving (for the oblivious ones out there - Nolan!)...

No game tonight. So far, the only ones who were even slightly interested in playing later tonight were Jake and Chris. But, with only 3 people present, we can't really a game. So, spend time with your families, eat some turkey, watch some football, and all the other cliche things to do today. ;)

I have Friday off, so I'll try to spend a little time on the Eberron writeups, so the few of you that have missed the last few weeks have an idea on whats going on. But, I'd really like to play on next Thursday, so make the plans, arrange rides, etc. It'd be nice to have everyone present for a change.

Nolan, if you can attend anymore because of school, let me know, and I'll write your character out of the story for the time being.

Jake, if you don't have a ride, please call Chris, as he can often give you a ride, if he knows to come pick you up before he leaves town.

Jrock, if you can call us earlier when you can't make the trip, or at least call Jake, we can still get the players here to play while you're gone.

That's it folks..

Have a great holiday - see ya next week...


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Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
8:47 pm
eberron update #10
Ok.. kinda delayed, due to lots of reasons, most including 40k or Halo 2. Here we go, with the last of the updates before Thursday's game. We will plan on playing at 8:00 or so, or as soon as we can get four people here. I do have Halo 2 now, so we can always play multiplayer while we wait (hint, hint)...


When we last left our intrepid heroes, the PCs had finished scouring Whitehearth for the schema, and after using the scrying chamber, had found the last room. Unfortunately, the wake of the cataclysm that created the Mournland had damaged the eldritch machine that powered the creation forge, releasing the two bound fire elementals inside.

However, with time to inspect the surroundings in the illusion, Keeno was able to notice a strange control mechanism on the opposite side of the room that might be useful for their fight. The others prepared for the fight by using 'resist energy' spells and other magic to prepare themselves. Keeno and Zivain used invisibility spells to sneak in first, and get past the elementals, while 47, Anuar and Roland engaged them near the door, allowing Eckret to assist from the side with bardic music, and healing.

The plan went off without a hitch - the few heroes up front kept the elementals busy, and suffered little damage, thanks to spells protecting them from the bulk of the fire damage. Keeno and Anuar were able to get to the mechanism safely. While Keeno worked with the controls, Zivain assisted the others with offensive magic. Finally Keeno was able to decipher the controls, and activate the switch, which opened the room to the Mournlands.

Once given an escape route, one of the elementals had survived long enough to flee out into the open, gaining the freedom they had been after all along. Content with their success, the party let the freed elemental flee, and instead focused on the prize in the crystal chest before them.

Roland went to open the chest, but Keeno reminded him of the possibility of a trap. Sure enough, the lock was protected by a poison needle. without the proper key, they would be forced to pick the lock. Keeno was succesful with the lock, but unforunately got jabbed by the needle. With poison coursing through his veins, Keeno was noticeably weakened, but not enough to threaten his life.

Inside the chest, they found a new supply of resist energy potions, some healing potions, and the schema they were after. However, there were TWO copies of the schema, along with what Keeno described as a 'creation pattern' - an adamantine disk that the schema fit into. Something else they hadn't expected, but something Lady Elaydren would surely be happy to have.

After resting, and recouping their spells and health, they party gathered Rorsa and the other wolves, and exited out the new exit in the foundry room. Outside, however, the were confronted by scavengers - the remants of the Emerald Claw forces from Rose Quarry!

Beckoned by the voice of the vampire from Rose Quarry, they were instructed to turn over the schema or die. Of course, being good heroes, the party couldn't just hand over the prize. Garrow ordered them to turn over the third schema, and he might let them live, but his threats went unheard. With a cry, the party faced off against the Emerald Claw - 9 soldiers, 2 lieutenants, and Mallora, the sorceress from Roland's spying mission.

Right off the bat, Zivain stopped Mallora with a 'choke' spell, forcing her to rely on her wand of magic missiles instead. Anuar slashed into the soldiers, nearly breaking one of the lines in the process as he decapitated one of the commanders.

Roland played pincushion to the EC archers, while Keeno was hurt badly by a few crossbow bolts. One by one, the soldiers started dropping, and the party moved to assault Mallora. Suddenly, out of an invisibility spell, the vampire cleric Brother Garrow appeared!

Using magic, he tried to attack Roland with a crackling hand of negative energy, but failed to connect. 47 was damaged by a inflict spell from the cleric, and Rorsa jumped up from the room below to assist. Beset on all sides, the vampire fell back, casting 'obscuring mist' to cover his retreat. Unable to chase after the vampire, the party contented themselves with killing Mallora, and scattering the remaining EC soldiers. With the Emerald Claw attackers dead, the party was able to find their wagons and horses, now without owners, to aid their retreat out of the Mournland.

After using a few potions from the EC stores, the party hurried on their way through the mournland. However, as they passed through the Field of Ruin, they decided to check in on the monstrosity they had left alive on their first trip through.

In the ruin of bodies of elves and halflings, the party began searching for the gigantic crab they had seen before. Zivain's keen eyes were able to pick out the lump that closely resembled the monster from before. Once they drew close, the creature revealed itself, and charged the party. As Zivain shot into it with magick, Anuar and 47 charged into the fray, supported by Keeno and Roland's ranged fire.

The beast slammed its claws repeatedly into Anuar and 47, and shot poisoned barbs into Keeno and Zivain. Even Eckret joined the fray, attacking with his spear after his magic was used up. Zivain started into the creature with a wand while Anuar continued ripping into it. The battle was tough, but the PCs were able to beat the carcass crab through sheer attrition. Thankfully, it was a baby crab (and a scaled down CR, accordingly), and not the full grown, CR 11 monster it should have been...

With time spent going through the bodies of the fallen elf and halfling warriors, they found a magical cloak of resistance, another wand of magic missiles, several potions, assorted monetary loot and the best prize of all - a magical valenar double scimitar (named Talaen Kara, even!)..

With the schema in hand, and fresh mounts for the journey of the Mournlands, the remaining trip went uneventfully. They met back up with Lady Elaydren in Rhukaan Draal, and handed over the schema and creation pattern, in exchange for a healthy reward. however, Keeno and Anuar caught Garrow in an disturbing error during his taunting outside of Whitehearth. Garrow had referred to their schema as the 'third' one, even though this was only the second the heroes had acquired. This implied that the Emerald Claw already had one of the schema. Grave news for House Cannith...

The party proceeded to escort Elaydren back to Sharn, where they recieved the rest of the reward, and had time to sell and make use of their newfound loot in the Sharn metropolis. They party gained xp, and we ended for the night..

next time.. the next adventure - Whisper of the Vampire's Blade!

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
11:24 pm
party update, third level
Ok.. after earning enough xp to level, here's how it went..

Anuar, Shifter Soulknife 1/Ranger 2
Zivain, Aerenal Elf Wizard 3
Eckret, Changeling Cleric 2/Bard 1
#47829, Warforged Monk 2/Fighter 1
Keeno, Gnome Artificer 3
Roland, Human Rogue 3
9:52 pm
more updates
ok.. several recaps behind. between new warhammer releases and all that overtime i got, i sorta got delayed... here goes nothing..


when we last left our intrepid heroes, Rorsa had led them to the kennel wings to fight off the stone wolf. The battle with the wolf was incredibly tough for the party, due largely to crappy rolls ALL night, and a DR/adamantine. Coupled with two people missing, and the entire fight was tough.

Eventually, the dice turned in their favor, and the group was able to finally bring it low. While Anuar freed the captive wolves, Roland and the rest of the group were quick to search for treasure. Besides a few coins, the only thing of value was a magical essence node - a warforged component designed to enhance the skills of the construct it was imbedded in.

However, in what could have been a much more fatal mistake, Keeno handed the node over to 47 without checking any further. As the node was planted into his chest, the magical curse on it took effect, rendering the monk permanently blind!

Despite his skill with blindfighting, 47 was nearly useless blind. Something had to be done, and done quickly, before they ran into some more potent guardian. Zivain and Keeno, remembering the storage library earlier, remembered a passage about spell component purchases. Using deductive reasoning, it figured that the facility still had a store of spell components that they could possibly use for the artificer to scribe a scroll of 'remove curse'.

After getting Rorsa's reward for vanquishing the stone-wolf, they had a keycharm to access further areas, along with a 'pearl of power' that Zivain surrended to Keeno. Following the keycharms, they went down the last corridor they could still access, the area that Rorsa described as containing a 'flame that chases'.

Inside, the contents of the hallway was totally destroyed by fire. Anuar scouted forward, and was able to sneak into an area of baths through an archway near a burned room to the north. Inside, he found a former occupant of Whitehearth, burned to death, but more importantly, his brown keycharm.

Although they had avoided alerting the living flame, the group spelled up, and went in to check the last room, and confront the flame. Surprisingly, the influx of magic weapons from the artificer's infusions helped destroy the ooze-like flame with ease, as it was vulnerable to magical weapons. Unfortunately, nothing had survived its occupation of the wing.

Back in the central rotator room, the group explored a dining hall, finding a large group of dead workers, and a nifty magical refrigerator, infused with a eberron dragonshard. Roland found several more keycharms in the area, as he robbed the corpses of whatever change they had on them at the time of the cataclysm.

A north door led into a storage area, where they were able to stock up on healing potions, and have a quiet moment, with only a still functioning unseen servant forever locked in its cleaning tasks.

* we ended here for the night, planning on waiting for more people to play before continuing to tougher areas

Remembering the captain's chambers in Rorsa's wing, Anuar used a brown key to unlock the area, and found the opulent chambers of the facility's commander. Besides several quality weapons and a suit of armor in the captain's personal collection, a large, elven-wood wardrobe protected the remaining personal items.

After disarming a poison needle trap, Keeno and Roland were able to pick the lock after several attempts. Inside, they found several uniforms (Eckret took one, for some reason), and a darkweave cloak. Before the party left, Zivain remembered a quirk about the wardrobe's manufacturers, and explained where the secret panel was that served to protect other valuables.

Inside the secret compartment was an ornate silver and jet ring, three vials of magical oils, a purse of platinum coins, and a red keycharm. Moving on, the party continued through the rotator rooms, and back to the trap pit room.

Using the red keycharm first, they bypassed the trap, and accessed a different corridor. Through the corridor, the group found a room entirely paneled in mirrors. A mass of bouncing, colored light infested the room, but, using the same tactics as with the living spell in the bath hallway, the group was easily able to defeat the moving colorspray. Even 47 was particularly immune to its sight-affecting attacks - a helpful side-effect of the curse.

Beyond, the part found a curious room that produced a magical illusion of another area of Whitehearth. The scene depicted the room with the schema they were after, along with its guardians - two large fire elementals!

However, with time to examine the scene from the safety of the scrying room, they were able to pick out more details that could prove useful. The room was apparently the center for whatever machine the Cannith engineers used to manufacturer their weapons. However, the cataclysm had damaged the machine, releasing the bound-elementals that had once powered it. However, a supply of clearly marked 'resist energy' potions were in the same crystalline chest as the schema.

Keeno noticed an interesting mechanism on the far wall, connecting machinery with the domed ceiling. Ideally, he rationlized, if he could figure out the controls, they could open the ceiling and perhaps let the elementals escape, rather than being forced to fight them. Bolstered by the new information, the party moved on, collecting a yellow keycharm from a peghook near the door.

Past the third rotator room, a short hallway ended at a peculiar adamantine seal. A complicated magical rune protecting the door used ALL the keycharms to disarm the magical trap. However, the order which the keys were to be used was unknown. After Keeno confirmed that the trap had several powerful death-related magicks involved, Eckret came up with an idea.

On the uniform that he had stolen from the captain's chambers was a bizarre badge of office, feature the cannith symbol set on a chromatic field of colors. Mimicking the order of the colors on the badge, they used the keys in the similar order. Thankfully, Eckret's hunch turned out good, and the group disarmed the magical trap on the door. However, as the door shifted and changed, it opened up a strange keyhole to bypass the lock. Zivain used the jet ring they had found in the captain's chamber as a makeshift key, they were able to open up the chamber.

Inside was the spell components that they had searched so long for. However, the ravages of the cataclysm that laid waste to Whitehearth, coupled with time, rendered most of the components useless. However, with several hours of dedicated searching, they managed to cobble together several kits for the artificer's infusions, and found several minor magical components to power further creations. Using the items in the storage, Keeno crafted a scroll to cure 47's blindness, and the party was ready to move on to the final room of the foundry.

last update for tonight.. going to post the fight with the elementals, and then the following fight with the vampire tomorrow at lunch.. laters..
Friday, October 8th, 2004
2:39 pm
update - next game
ok guys..

we're two updates behind, but the last two weeks has been time off for the eberron game. Chris couldn't come to either game due to his vacation, so we just cancelled, rather than try to play through the next encounter with out the muscle of his shifter ranger.

next game will be on thursday, Oct 10, 2004. We'll plan on starting about 8:00 or so, or as soon as jake and jrock can get here. i'll have the updates done this weekend, or early next week..

see ya then!

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Thursday, September 16th, 2004
1:38 pm
eberron game #8
well, i think i might actually get all the recaps caught up!

for our 8th game, we were missing Jrock and Jake, since Jrock had a last minute babysitting job after his wife had something else to do. It kinda sucked missing both spellcasters, so we didn't do as much as we could have, considering the circumstances.

I've added the last bit of the adventure from the previous game into this recap, detailing the journey through the Mournlands on the way to Whitehearth.

Game Tonight -- Sept. 16th, around 7:30 pm
Hope to see you there!


When we last left our intrepid heroes, they had wrestled the secret location of the Cannith foundry of Whitehearth from underneath the noses of the Emerald Claw at Rose Quarry.

To their dismay, the location was listed shortly inside the borders of the dead-gray mist surrounding the Mournlands. Formerly the nation of Cyre, the Mournlands had been created during the unknown cataclysm of the Day of Mourning.

Rumors abounded about the deatils of the Mournland, and the horror stories from within. Still spooked by the appearance of the vampire Brother Garrow at Rose Quarry, the party was notably wary about stopping for very long on their trip to Whitehearth.

After Zivain hired Failin to provide transport to the foundry, they had reliable transport through the Mournlands, and could cut the trip down to around 7 hours. Versus the much longer trek on foot or horseback, this meant they could ideally avoid many of the predators in the wastelands.

As they approached the dead-gray mist, the heroes apprehensions grew. However, the mists, which were rumored to mislead adventurers and scavengers, did not effect the elemental-powered land cart. Anuar had even heard of people never returning from the fog, and was relieved once they passed the mysterious barrier around the Mournlands.

Inside however, was no better. The sky was covered in stormy black clouds, and little light illuminated the landscape, bathing the entire land in shadows. Shortly pass the border, the group passed a Brelish artillery platform, apparently remaining from the Last War. However, the bodies of the dead Brelish and Cyran soldiers remained, perpetuated in a macabre preservation. None of the corpses had aged a day since the Day of Mourning, leaving the gruesome reminders of the Last War in the same condition, as if they had only died hours before.

Avoiding the carnage, the party pressed on, rather than risk attracting any predators. (dm note: and avoiding an encounter!) 47 picked out a carrion bird overhead, circling, but no one else noticed it. Strangely though, this was the first carrion creature that had been sighted since they entered the Mournlands.

As they continued on, the land cart's path took them through the Fields of Ruins. The area was the last major battlefield of the Last War, and stretched miles in either direction. On the Day of Mourning, soldiers from Thrane, Cyre, Breland and Darguun had clashed in battle, and been consumed by the apocolypse that destroyed Cyre.

Like the previous charnel pit, this field of battle was eeriely devoid of even the scent of death, despite the number of bodies. However, near a mound of corpses off the side of the path of the cart, were several newer bodies.

Scattered haphazardly near a pile of bodies were corpses of several Valenar elf raiders, and Talenta halfling hunters. Recently deceased, the newer bodies had apparently not been stripped by scavengers yet.

However, Keeno picked out an odd shape in the mound of corpses behind them, and suggested they move on and consider their objectives, rather than risk disturbing whatever had killed the elves and halflings. 47 confirmed the theory, citing evidence of strange barbs that had slain the warbands.

Avoiding the strange mounds, the party traveled onward, until they reached the point on the map - a decrepit, abandoned mineshaft, marking the entrance of Whitehearth. Failin let them disembark, and then moved the elemental cart safely out of range, in case the Emerald Claw were following them to the site.

As the heroes moved to enter the mineshaft, 47 and Roland barely reacted in time as a creature came hurtling out of the sky at them! A monstrous undead vulture slammed into Zivain, catching him completely unaware, even as Roland tried frantically to pepper it with arrows, and 47 tried to catch it and pull it down out of the air.

As the vulture launched into Zivain, the elf mage collapsed, bleeding. As the rest of the party moved to intercept the undead fowl, only Roland could seem to hit the vulture. Arrow and after arrow managed to bring the creature down, proving Roland's first significant kill!! (dm note: finally!) Further inspection afterward, and conjecture from Zivain and 47, suggested that the bird was the type of undead construct often used as a familiar by power spellcasters. No one had to voice the obvious conclusion, but the party redoubled their efforts to find the schema.

Inside the mineshaft, past a facade meant to deter casual inspection was a worked stone passage leading further underground. As the adventures explored the cavern, and its many brances, they discovered three sealed adamantine portals set into three different corridors.

Each portal was carved with intricate magical runes, and beside the complicated lock on each was a small indention painted with blue enamel. Keeno was able to detect evidences of magical wards cast upon each of the seals, but his attempt to disarm the trap triggered one instead. A powerful blast of magical lightning rewarded his attempt, nearly incapacitating the gnome.

Eckret attempted to heal Keeno's wounds, but the pervading negative energy of the Mournlands leeched the power from his spell, causing it to fail. (dm note: impeded spells suck. to cast a successful first level healing spell, Eckret had to roll a 19-20 on a d20..) Instead, the party relied on a healing potion from their dwindling stores to heal Keeno.

After successful defeating the lock, Keeno managed to open one of the seals. Getting Anuar to step up and take the lead in opening the portal (just in case another trap existed), the party stepped back and braced themselves for the worst. Another arc of energy burned into Anuar this time, revealing the adamantine seal as a decoy. The locked door simply covered a small hole in the rock.

Picking another of the seals this time, the group braced themselves for more damage from traps. However, Keeno and Anuar decided that surely there was a better way, and began going through their inventories to try and find something that could be used as a key. After dedicated searching, inside the haversack that Lady Elaydren had provided, was the answer.

In one of the pockets, a small blue rod, topped with a sapphire, was found. When inserted into the indentation by the lock on the portal, the strange charm functioned as a key. This time, however, they had chosen correctly, and the portal opened to reveal an metal-clad shaft leading further into the ground.

Upon further inspection, the bottom of the shaft ending about 30' down at a strange, cloying darkness - one that absorbed all light, and sound. Using a ladder set into the side of the shaft, the party descended down into the darkness, with Anuar in the lead. The ladder ended at the bottom, and Anuar was forced to break out the rope and hook to descend into whatever lay beyond the darkness.

Despite apprehensions from Roland, passing the darkness proved easy. It was simply the barrier of some kind of spell protecting Whitehearth, most likely some kind of anti-scrying spell or misdirection to keep the installation from being found by rival Houses. Keeno found a extendable ladder dropping down into the room from a concealed alcove near the base.

Beyond the darkness, a spherical room, approximately 20' across opened up, lit by a feeble everbright lantern. Each of the walls was set with a strange grooves, but the only exit appeared to be the shaft they descended from.

Magically suspended in midair near the center of one of the walls, was a metal plate set into a carved pedestal. The plate contained nine sockets, similar to the ones on the adamantine seals above - 5 blue, 2 green, and 2 brown.

Using the key charm that Lady Elaydren provided started the entire room into motion. The spherical chamber began to rotate, leaving the one entrance at the top as a new door. Luckily, the strange grooves on the side of the walls made it easy for the heroes to avoid a stumble as the rotator room moved into position.

The blue keycharm failed to activate any of the other sockets, so the party resolved to search for different charms to access the other parts of Whitehearth. Inserting the charm into the center socket returned the entrance to the shaft above. After settin the rotator room to a blue socket, the party readied themselves for whatever lay beyond.

The entrance opened into a stone corridor. At the end of the mundane-looking corridor was a solid steel door. Using the keycharm to gain entrance bypassed whatever wards had been placed on the door. Inside was a office of sorts. Most of the room appeared to be a study or library, with walls covered in shelves filled with scrolls and books. At a desk in the center of the room, slumped over at her post, was the corpse of a dead human woman.

As the party split up to search the room for survivors or anything that might lead them to the schema. Zivain quickly ascertained that all the shelves were filled with useless business ledgers used in the day to day affairs of the facility before the disaster. The only item of note was an ornate spell scroll on the dead clerk's desk. A 'read magic' spell from Keeno identified it as a scroll of 'resist energy'.

Moving on, the party returned to the rotator room, and tried a different blue socket. As the room moved into position facing a different direction, it opened upon a new corridor. At the end of this corridor, however, was an archway to the left, a sealed door to the right, and a door that had been propped open at the far end. However, a few trails of crusted blood ran along the floor, as if something had been dragged down the corridor.

Reading weapons and spells, the heroes advanced cautiously into the hallway. At the end of the hallway, emerged a large dire wolf. As the group readied itself for an attack, the strange wolf instead greeted them in common. Taken aback by the sentience, the party relaxed for a moment and conversed with the guardian.

The wolf introduced herself as Rorsa, a former inhabitant of the kennels of Whitehearth, but awakened to intelligence on the Day of Mourning. Anuar took to Rorsa immediately, and convinced the wolf of their good intentions. In exchange for tales of the world outside, Rorsa agreed to share with them her knowledge of Whitehearth.

Rorsa told the heroes about a strange 'chasing fire' that inhabitated the barracks to the northeast. Rorsa had learned to activate the rotator rooms, and even possesed a green keycharm. She told them the plight of her fellow wolves, still trapped in the kennels by a bizzare experiment that was released after the researchers perished.

In the kennels to the southwest, a magical 'stone not-wolf' guarded the area. Rorsa tried to defeat it, but was unable to even pierce its hide, and was forced to retreat. Rorsa agreed to lead the party to the guardian, if they would defeat it and release her fellow wolves. In exchange she would give them her keycharm, and a pearl necklace she found (because two-legs value the shiny rocks), and let them have anything they could value in the barracks she and two other wolves lived in.

Anuar and the other adventurers heartily agreed to help Rorsa, and were able to find no real items of value in the barracks. Other than normal weapons and armor, only a few gold and silver coins appealed to the adventurers.

After spending some time to rest and recover in the wolf's barracks area, they party moved on into the interior of Whitehearth. Following Rorsa, they traveled down another blue corridor to a second rotator room.

This room's metal plate had a different configuration, with one yellow, blue, green and orange socket. Using Rorsa's green keycharm, the party finally gained access to the kennel wing. Would they be able to defeat the stone wolf guardian beyond?


Ta da! Done.. now, I just got to write the recap for tonight's game... *sigh*

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
10:28 pm
eberron game #7
ok - recaps have been late, and i've been one behind for a bit now, but my goal is to get both done tonight. now, mind you, i did finish all the models before last game, so it wasn't like i did nothing! :P

for game #7, we weren't missing anyone, but we got started later than usual after waiting for everyone to show up. this was the last game without the painted miniatures.

onto the summary:


When we last left our intrepid heroes, they had survived an encounter with a pair of glass zombies in the northern part of Rose Quarry. The sounds of their fighting had drawn in a patrol of Emerald Claw soldiers, but with the help of Eckret, the battle was easily handled.

Heading south, the party made their way to the ruined chapel. from the outside of the chapel, near the back, roland and keeno could hear chipping and digging noises, as if someone was excavating through the glass ruins.

Upon approach, the heroes could make out two glass zombies digging up graves in the chapel's cemetary. After drawing near, it was obvious that the zombies had been given a command, as they took no threatening moves towards the party. The party was even able to explore the graveyard around the zombies.

The zombies had neatly stacked several unearthed corpses off to one side, as if leaving them for some other purpose. Keeno noticed a trend in the opened graves - each of the bodies belonged to one of the dwarven elders. In other words, someone that would have been present before the Day of Mourning, and ones that would know about possible locations of a map.

After Zivain and Eckret confirmed the knowledge of powerful spells that could be used to question the dead, it became obvious that the Emerald Claw was after the same thing as the heroes. However, that meant that a powerful caster was probably somewhere in the area, and likely the same one that animated all the zombies.

Inside the chapel, not much has survived the devastation. Eckret was reluctant to enter the chapel (he described it as feeling 'wrong'), as it was dedicated to the Sovereign Host. No zombies or soldiers were lurking inside, and the heroes began to search the chapel for remains of a possible map.

On a ruined altar in the shrine of the chapel they found a one useful remnant that survived whatever cataclysm decimated Rose Quarry. A lone chalice, dedicated to Olladra, was uncovered from a layer of glass by Keeno, though whatever magic it possessed was unknown.

After clearing the chapel, the group moved onto to the last standing building - the Cannith refinery, where most of the red marble from the quarry was cut and shaped.

From the outside, the adventurers could hear more of the sounds of excavation from within. Zivain was even able to pick out snippets of conversation inside, from multiple guards.

The group withdrew to the side of the refinery, looking for a way to enter undetected. Anuar's keen eyes were able to pick out a zombie guard near the entrance, apparently carting rumble from within the interior.

Keeno came up with a plan - using a scroll of 'levitate' to ascend the outside wall, he could remotely observe the guards from above, and report back. The plan went well, allowing Keeno to observe the single zombie servitor, and two guards inside. A female commander was ordering another rank-and-file Emerald Claw soldier in digging up the glass coating the floor of the building.

After returning to his friends, Keeno's observation indicated good odds, and the party moved into an assault position. With Anuar and Roland in the lead, the party first attempted to sneak into the building. However, Anuar wasn't able to move as quietly as the rogue, and alerted the guards inside. (dm note: he rolled a 2 on his move silently!)

As their stealthy approach was foiled, Anuar and 47 led the charge into the main chamber. The captain had managed to equip her shield and withdraw to one side, using the wall as cover. The other guard hastily tried to meet the charge, ordering the zombie to attack.

As the party entered the room, Eckret turned the zombie to their side with a wave of negative energy. Anuar shifted and followed 47 after the female captain. As the remaining heroes entered inside, Zivain silenced the regular soldier with a 'sleep' spell, as Keeno began searching for the map in the little time they had before some kind of alarm was sounded.

Despite the rest of the groups attempts to kill the female captain, her skilled defensive manuevers allowed her to escape outside the refinery. Leaving Zivain and Keeno inside to find the map, the rest of the party chased the captain outside.

Unfortunately, the captain was able to cry for an alarm, as soon as she was outside, and within shouting distance of the Emerald Claw camp. The heroes quickly cornered her against a wall outside, and began battering through her defenses. The captain resigned herself to her fate, but promised retribution through the hands of someone named 'Brother Garrow'.

As her cries for help alerted the camp, Anuar slashed into her with his mind blade and battered aside her shield. Much to the horror of his companions, Anuar latched onto her throat and ripped what remained of the captain into bloody chunks. (dm note: critical hit for 24 damage! it reduced her to -11 hp!)

Unfortunately, her cries for help has alerted the leader of the Emerald Claw camp. Coming down the road towards the refinery came the hefty Vol cleric from before, followed by several other soldiers. Behind them, was a tall, emaciated man wearing a hooded robe of black silk. Even from the distance, they could make out his deathly white skin, pointed ears, and sharp, gleaming fangs. Clearly, this was the Brother Garrow that the late captain referred to.

Sensing overwhelming odds, the party fled into the night, trying to regroup back at the cart with Failin. The warforged retreated into the refinery and tried to take cover inside, while the wizard and artificer still searched.

Luckily for the few inside the refinery, the vampire and his minions chased after Anuar, Roland and Eckret, only stopping long enough for the vampire to reassert his control over the zombie that Eckret had turned. (dm note: yikes! vampire cleric!)

Inside the refinery, 47 stumbled upon a coffer of platinum coins in his makeshift hiding place, while Zivain and Keeno made a discovery. The floor of the refinery was carved into a gigantic bas-relief map of Khorvaire!

Unfortunately, no cities or landmarks were labeled, but between the two, they were able to recognize a few major locations and pick out major rivers and mountain ranges. However, there was no key to reading the map.

After exploring three furnaces on either side of the room, they found carved inscriptions on the backs of several statues on either side. Following the riddle-like messages, Keeno was able to identify a pattern, using the colors of the statues, and using the coordinates they provided to pick out several locations on the map. On one of the statues was the coordinates for Whitehearth, the goal of the entire expedition.

However, a new dilemma presented itself: the location on the map placed Whitehearth inside Cyre, which was now known as the Mournland! After escaping the guards and Rose Quarry, Zivain, Keeno and 47 met back up with the party outside the city.

With directions in hand, Zivain managed to convince Failin to ferry them into the Mournland and to Whitehearth. (dm note: bribe!) Following their hasty exit from Rose Quarry, the party quickly hurried along their way, only stopping long enough to rest and recover from the taxing battles inside the ruined mining village.

Next time, the Mournland and the entrance into Whitehearth! (Quick, Anuar! Throw yourself onto the grenade!)


Ok, since the game after this one was sort of short since Jrock and Jake didn't make it, I'm going to put the trip through the Mournland on that recap... More later...

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Thursday, September 9th, 2004
1:11 am
game notes
ok.. game recap #7 will have to wait until tomorrow on lunch break. it's way too late for me to be up... grumble.

our game night has been moved to thursday nights, to help account for the players dealing with college classes. same time (around 7:00-7:30), same place.

this week, the party has braved the trip through the mournlands (avoiding EVERY encounter damn it - don't complain when you don't have xp to level!), and is at the entrance to Whitehearth.

No map on the board this week, so decide amongst yourself who will be the mapkeeper, or prepare to be lost. The next area is pretty tough, and quite long, but since I have a vacation day on friday, we can play a little later than normal (figure 2:00ish, i think)

more tomorrow...

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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
11:51 pm
recap - game #6
ok.. sorry for being late on this one. I got the new minis painted, and some of them converted and stuff. I got into a modeling frenzy this last week. having a new 40k book out kinda helps inspire me to do it.

i am posting the recaps for #6 and #7 tonight, and staying up until i get em finished, dammit. during the game for #6, jrock was not present, and his character was run from the sidelines, and nolan had to leave early. thus, not much got accomplished, other than a tough fight, but it was fun nonetheless.

When we last left the heroes, they had finally arrived at Rose Quarry. However, waiting in the blasted ruins of the Cannith city, was a large detachment of armed soldiers. Further scouting by Anuar and Roland identified the soldiers as Emerald Claw.

A tenative scouting mission around the outskirts of the remaining structures in Rose Quarry only revealed 4 or 5 buildings worth exploring. The rest had been utterly destroyed in whatever cataclysm had rocked the city. on further inspection, however, the city was coated in a layer of molten glass, and not ice like that had seemed before. The dwarf inhabitants had been entombed under sheets of glass in the final horrifying moments.

Roland attempted to scout the Emerald Claw base, using the advantage of a scroll that Keeno had prepared to render him invisible. However, the guards were too alert, and Roland set the alarm off, but not before identifying a cleric and spellcaster, and several undead among the ranks of the Karrnathi terrorists.

After alerting the Emerald Claw, the city came alive with patrols, and the party had to approach more carefully. Staying along the outskirts of Rose Quarry brought them around to the north, into a series of ruins that might have been able to house some kind of map intact after the devastation.

Other than the ruins they were in, the only other structures of note were an ruined Sovereign Host chapel, and a Cannity masonry refinery, both largely intact due to solid construction.

Finding nothing in the ruins in the north, the heroes prepared to move south, when two former inhabitants of the city found them first. Glass-covered dwarf zombies emerged from the rubble, and attacked the party. At first, no damage of note was inflicted, due to the odd armor the glass afforded the zombies.

However, as Eckret focused negative energy in an effort to combat the zombies, he forced them cowering into the shadows, and rendered them ineffective for the rest of the combat (Note: the zombies last for 9 1/2 rounds... one more turn and they would have got their first action!)

Despite the ease in which they had cowered the zombies, the sounds of battle had alerted a nearby patrol of Emerald Claw. The glass covered grounds of Rose Quarry provided difficult footing for the party - however, the Emerald Claw scouts were just as disadvantaged.

Despite the comedy of errors the tripping and falling heroes presented, the party was able to quickly respond to the new threats. Anuar and Roland kept the soldiers busy while the rest concentrated their efforts on the cowering, but still dangerous, zombies. Keeno tried his best with crossbow fire, but eventually resorted to a melee weapon, as the soldiers pressed in on Anuar.

Eventually, the combined might of Anuar and the rest of the heroes defeated both the glass zombies, and the Emerald Claw patrol. Once allowed time to start a dedicated search, the party could find nothing that could be construed as a map, and were forced to move on to the more intact structures of the chapel and refinery.

Next time: Floating gnomes, Anuar feeds, and Vampires (oh my!)
11:43 pm
pics of the miniatures

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Monday, August 30th, 2004
9:28 pm
eberron game recap #5 and #6
a little late, but i lost my original update when marcy used my computer.. (grumble, grumble)

two updates to post this time so, here we go:

When we last left the heroes, they were in Rhukaan Draal, the hobgoblin capital of Darguun. The heroes were trying to find a man named Failin, a contact that Lady Elaydren sent them to find. But, how would they find one human in the midst of the hostile goblinoid metropolis?

Narrowing the search down to the Bloody Market; so named for the violent haggling that often took place. But, one of the largest and busiest areas of Rhukaan Draal had many places for a single human to hide.

The party decided on several different courses of action. Zivain went off on his own, and tried to find a Dragonmark house tavern where he could use his contacts. Eckret attempted to use his powers of persuasion to bribe a merchant into telling them where to find Failin. The rest hunted out a tavern where they could ask subtlely about Failin.

Eckret found a merchant that gave him directions to the "gna'kharmok", a place frequented by Failin, but a word that the changeling did not understand.

The others found themselves in a pub that catered to a mostly non-goblin crowd, and attempted to spread some cheer and learn some more about their contact. The first hours went by uneventfully.

Zivain found a Jorasco tradehouse that catered to traveling House dignitaries. A mostly courteous half-elf was able to answer some questions. According to his source, Failin was formerly of House Orien, but was disowned for some crime. He was known as a treasure-hunter throughout Darguun, where he sold cheap copies of his stolen artifacts to wealthy collectors across Khorvaire. Failin was known to have an elemental-bound land cart that he sold his services as a guide and transportation into the upper reachs of Darguun.

The barkeep directed Zivain to a bar called the 'Clenched Fist' where Failin did a lot of of his business. A location in hand, (sic) Zivain returned to the Blood Market to contact his other friends.

Eckret, meanwhile, found the "gna'kharmok" - apparently the goblin word for latrine. Technically, correct information from the merchant, but not what Eckret was looking for. Foiled, he headed to rejoin his friends.

The rest of the group was having no luck at the tavern, and Roland had managed to get himself sloshed. After a round of less than successful stories, the rogue started into one about the hobgoblin and bugbear at church.. As several of the goblinoid patrons started taking offense, Anuar and 47 hurried Roland out of the bar, and met up with the others outside.

Following Zivain's lead, they tracked down Failin at the Clenched Fist. After meeting his steep price of passage, they procured passage to Rose Quarry. Failin was in a odd hurry to leave, so they quickly left and headed to where the human had stashed his cart.

on the way to the hiding place, two bugbears, and two goblins ambushed the group, citing Failin as a cheat and scoundrel. As a fight erupted, Failin used the power of his dragonmark to escape to safety, leaving the heroes to fend off the goblinoids.

Zivain was able to stun one of the bugbears right of the bat with a color spray, but none of the others could achieve any telling blows. One of the goblins proved his mettle, and ripped into 47 with a critical blow, sending the warforged staggering.

Zivain launched into another array of spells, as Anuar, Keeno, and Eckret attacked the goblins. 47 attempted a bull rush, but failed miserably, and fell to the ground under another critical blow from the goblin. ("Stay down bitch!" was the goblin's quote).

As the others began killing the other goblins, the tide of the battle turned. Zivain's spells, Keeno's imbued crossbow bolts, and Anuar's teeth proved short work of the remaining bugbears.

After saving Failin, the party was able to travel largely unmolested to their target. Failin's elemental-land cart made the trip quick and easy, and soon the heroes were in sight of Rose Quarry -- and the Mournlands.

The village of Rose Quarry belonged to Cyre before the War. The quarry was known all over Khorvaire for the distinctive red marble mined by a group of Mror Hold dwarves, for their Cannith masters.

Unfortunately, whatever disaster destroyed Cyre had also affected Rose Quarry. Upon cresting a ridge overlooking the quarry, they were greeted by the remains of the village.

Whatever part of the village that wasn't destroyed by a horrible fire was covered completely in ice, despite the warm weather about. The former Cannith village was in ruins.

However, the heroes weren't the only ones interested in the ruins. Below, in the ruins was the light of a large camp, several horses, and several armed guards. Were they friend or foe?

Next time, the ruins of Rose Quarry...


we missed jrock for the next game, due to problems with his mechanic. nolan left early, cause he's a bitch like that. (but he had school the next day, so he couldn't play late - not that I don't have to work the next morning at 8 or anything.. sheesh). i'll post the recap for that game tomorrow.. laters

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
2:05 pm
oops.. forgot something...
other news I forgot about...

Dan found an old copy of Dragon magazine that has a 3.5 DM Screen with it.. woot!

I redid the gaming table. The old map was hopelessly ruined by the marker i used at the last game, and I just can't get it off. So, I made a new one!

I got some foamboard from walmart, and some copies from Staples of the battlegrid out of the DM guide, and made my own battlegrid. It's actually a big larger than the last one, without not as much blank space on the edges. I also tested out some wet-erase marker on it this morning before I left for work, and when I came home for lunch (now) i was able to erase it with no problems..

so.. tonight we have a screen, and a mat, and I might just try to putty some models together, but I got word that the new dnd miniatures boxed set has a few models i might like more -- the Sharn Cutthroat, and the Warforged Hero.. it might even have a shifter model, that I can mod with my current soulknife one to make Anuar. So.. see ya tonight!
1:57 pm
eberron update
ok.. update for my eberron group:

last game did not happen. Nolan was in Houston with his mom who was in surgery, and Jake couldn't get a ride, and Jrock was sick. So with three people out, David and Chris decided not to make the hour drive down.. (don't blame em, personally)

Tonight's game will take up with the adventurers entering Rhukaan Draal, the capital of the hobgoblin nation of Darguun.

We'll try to start around 7:30 or so. I have confirmations from Chris, Jake, and Jrock. Nolan should be there, unless school stuff delays him a bit. And of course, Dan has nothing better to do... ;)

See ya tonight!

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
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recap: eberron game #4
ok.. last game we all found out that david would not survive a horror movie. When faced with the strangely shaped hole in the ground, rather than search for traps, his gnome sticks his finger in it! yup.. he would have been SO dead.

last game, i started taking more accurate notes when it comes to combats, so i can more accurately recap them. combat recaps should be more detailed.

Next game is tuesday, August 10. same bat time, same bat channel.


When we last left our intrepid heroes...

The party had spent a few weeks recovering from the previous adventure, and working a few odd jobs to make ends meet. They sold most of the loot from the Cannith foundry, and even found a collector to buy the rare coins off them.

Lady Elaydren, one of the party's patrons, gave them contact information via the House Sivis message station at Barmin Tower. It had been yet another uneventful week, when they went by for the check on the messages from Lady Elaydren.

It was raining again, a not so fortuitous event in Sharn. As the party approached the message station, they noticed the door ajar, and heard a faint groan coming from within. Readying weapons, they quickly moved into the message station, wary of an attack.

Within, the entire station had been trashed. Scroll shelves destroyed, chairs upended, but no theft of note. While Eckret and Keeno assisted the unconscious gnomish clerk behind the counter, Anuar and Roland did their best to investigate the scene.

Anuar quickly noticed the kobold footprints left in ink stains across the room, and was able to get a rough number on the attackers. Zivain, however, noticed a footprint Anuar missed, and identified it as a warforged mark. It seems that the Lord of Blades was still keeping tabs on the party after their success at the foundry.

As the gnome clerk was roused, all she could focus on was the messages. According to her testimony, a large humanoid had led several kobolds into the station, just as she had transcribed a message for Anuar (the party's liason with Lady Elaydren, based on previous history). However, as Sivis messengers are trained to transcribe notes without remembering what they write, the gnome could provide little information about the contents of the message, other than a sender (after proper bribery, of course!)..

Concerned with the contents of the message, and the reappearance of a possible warforged connection, the party was quick to leave before the City Watch arrived, and attempted to blame them for the attack. However, once outside, the party was accosted by a giant owl, delivering a message.

Inside the scroll case the owl delivered was a message from Lady Elaydren, asking them to meet at the Broken Anvil once more concerning the attack on the message station and another job opportunity. However, the tone of the letter was hurried, and scared, and the note wasn't even marked with the Lady's house seal.

At the Broken Anvil (mid morning by this time), the party met up wtih a scared Lady Elaydren. However, this time, she was not in the noble's finery of before, but muddy traveler's clothing. Quick to suspect a trap, especially with no proof of Lady Elaydren's intentions, the party spread out, posting guards at the door (Keeno and Zivain).

Elaydren was scared. Not bothering to elaborate further, she presented the adventures with a worn traveler's pack, and explained that further directions and supplies were in the pack. Fearful and hurried, she offered a reward if they successfully her mysterious task.

Before the party could ask any questions, the door to the tavern burst open! Several kobolds, led by another warforged, entered the tavern, intent on ending Lady Elaydren's life.

As the fight erupted, Anuar shifted, as Eckret cast 'bane' on the enemies. The warforged, Cutlass, fired once at Elaydren but missed, as she took cover behind the table. 47829 charged into the kobolds, and snapped the neck of the first that met his fists.

As Eckret joined the fray, Zivain cast a 'sleep' spell, dropping 2 of the kobolds. An arrow from Roland dropped a nearby kobold. Hoever, as Roland stepped in front of Lady Elaydren, he caught the next bolt from Cutlass in the chest. Anuar charged forward next, biting into the warforged.

Even Keeno fired true, dropping another kobold, but one of the remaining humanoids got a lucky strike on Eckret. As Cutlass continued to evade strikes from the pary that was quickly closing in on all sides, 47 tumbled across a table, and got behind the 'forged.

Keeno took down the last non-sleeping kobold, with the help of Roland and Eckret, but Cutlass and Anuar both traded ineffectual blows. From his flanking position, 47 was able to strike Cutlass twice in rapid succession, but received a telling blow in return.

However, as 47 fell back, reeling from the blow, Cutlass exposed a hole in his defenses, and Anuar was able to rip into him and destroy the warforged fighter. As soon as the last of the kobolds were dispatched, Lady Elaydren warned them to leave the city quickly, and to be wary of more assassins. She soon disappeared into the night.

The party escaped from the scene, and reconvened at a seedy tavern that Roland knew about to figure out what exactly Lady Elaydren wanted done.

Inside the pack, they found a small horde of supplies, even though the pack seemed empty (read: Hewards handy haversack). An 'identify' spell by Zivain concluded that the pack was indeed magical. Inside the pack, besides the compulsory water/food/bedrolls, ammunition, and general equipment, were 3 potions of cure light wounds, a strange rod of blue metal, three inches in length, with a sapphire embedded at one end. The bag contained more that enough gold to cover expenses, and a letter of credit for House Lyrander and House Orien to cover passage to the destination.

The letter from Lady Elaydren explained their mission: The schema they had recovered from sharn was only part of a greater creation pattern. Elaydren had narrowed down where the next piece was, but needed someone trustworthy to recover the item. The letter instructed the party to travel to the lost Cannith citadel of Whiteheart, somewhere in the area that is now the Mournlands.

However, as the location was lost, the message provided information about a House Cannith outpost in the town of Rose Quarry, where a detailed map of the location of the lost foundry could be found. The party is instructed to travel to Rhukaan Draal, in the realm of Darguun, and meet with a man named Failin, who will escort them to Rose Quarry. From there, they can travel to Whitehearth, and retrieve the next schema - an adamantine plate in the shape of a diamond.

After researching routes to Rhukaan Draal, the party settled on using the letter of credit to hire a Lyrander galleon to take them across Kraken Bay, and up the Ghaal River to the goblinoid city. However, as they escaped from Sharn, other forces were quickly closing in on them.

After a quick stop in Zilargo to purchase supplies and brew a few potions, the party was a mere two days out of Rhukaan Draal, when they layed over the night in a small cove.

As the few members of the party that couldn't sleep were up, only Roland and Keeno (in the cabin) noticed a strange scratching sound on the hull. Before Roland could alert the crew or the other adventurers, eight undead skeletons had boarded the ship!

Two half-elves were brutally slain in the opening salvo, one decapitated by a double team that pinned him to the mast, and the other skewered like an animal (read: critical hit). 47 took a nasty cut from a skeleton's scimitar before Anuar could warn him, as skeletons charged Roland and Keeno.

Anuar and 47 were left facing two skeletons, while the racket from combat finally woke the mage, inside the cabin. As a skeleton's sword gutted him, Roland fell back, quaffing a potion to recover. Keeno also fell back, enchanting a bolt for his crossbow. 47 whirled through the skeletons in his path, striking with hand and foot and shattering one of the skeletons into shambles.

Anuar, seeing that 47 was holding his own, moved to engage the other skeletons on the port side of the deck. However, a nearly fatal strike catches him across the throat (read: critical hit), but the shifter managed to use the cover of a nearby stairwell to belowdecks to avoid the attacks of the other skeleton that moved to assault him.

As Zivain came out onto the deck, he fired of a 'magic missile' into one of the skeletons, while Keeno's prepartion of a 'bane' bolt for his crossbow finally finished. The magically prepared bolt blew the head off one of the skeletons, but not before another of the crewmembers was killed. However, the last surviving half-elf (who was oh SO lucky) managed to evade all the hits the skeletons could level against him, and destroyed a wounded one with a blow from a makeshift club.

Anuar contined his attacks on the skeletons, using the advantage of cover, while Zivain fried yet another with 'burning hands'. Despite their successes, 4 skeletons remained, but Eckret finally roused from his slumber.

Keeno fired off another baned bolt of slayage, and destroyed another skeleton with a well-placed shot. As Eckret came out onto the deck and surveyed the carnage, he sleepily destroyed the remaining undead with a wave of positive energy. With a yawn, he returned to bed, leaving the remaining heroes shocked at the sudden reversal of fortunes.

The party helped clear the deck of the mess, but Zivain's keen eyes picked out the light of a lantern on the shoreline, but couldn't discern anything more about the presumed summoner of the skeletons.

The captain was saddened at the loss of his crew, but rewarded the party for their efforts in repelling the undead boarders. After the attack at sea, the party spent the rest of the voyage on guard, but the passage went uneventfully.

Next Time: The hobgoblin city of Rhukaan Draal!
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
1:41 pm
recap, game #3
Ok gang. Last week we learned the perils of having an ENTIRE part of characters with a base attack bonus of +0!!! 3 characters fell, and it could have been deaths if not for a lucky roll by David... But, everyone leveled off the last game, so the characters are one more hit die from a single-hit kill...

also, the dry-erase marker i used last week screwed up my map.. if any of you have a wet-erase marker I can have, i can think up something appropriate to reward you with. I had to get a special cleaner from auto zone today to try and remove the mess... sigh

game tonight, same bat time, same bat channel...


when we last left our intrepid heroes...

the party had holed up in the ruined temple of Onatar to lick their wounds after the defeat in the foundry the day before. After praying for spells in the morning, Eckret lucked out and channeled positive energy for the day, and Zivain memorized spells more useful against constructs that then previous day.

Keeno came up with a plan to bait the iron defenders out of the foundry, and into the open area where they could be shot from a safe distance. the party liked the idea, and formed a makeshift dummy from bedrolls and spare clothing. Keeno spruced it up with some glamours, and the trap was set.

however, like many plans, it fell apart at first contact with the enemy. The hounds powerful iron jaws cut through the dummy quickly, and by time the decoy was ripped off the lowered rope, Roland and Zivain were the only ones who had made a telling blow into the iron defenders. However, with the tough armor afforded by the iron plating (read: Damage Reduction), the blows were minimal.

Not wanting to wait further, Anuar, 47829, Keeno and Roland lowered themselves into the foundry. The dogs immediately charged, and managed to severely hurt the warforged in the intial attack. Anuar was also hurt, but with the aid of the 'shield of faith' spells from Eckret, was able to dodge many more blows that the previous time.

As the second wave dropped off the ropes into the room, Roland tried his best to damage one of the constructs but most of his shots missed. After Anuar recieved a nasty wound from the construct he took one, Eckret came into the room to provide healing. Meanwhile, Zivain provided fire via 'acid orbs' and 'magic missiles' from the lip of the hole above.

The warforged took a telling blow, and was deactivated, but as he fell, the iron defender ignored Keeno. Putting two and two together, he imagined that the provost's journal was keyed with magic to protect him from the defenders. With the assist of magical healing from Eckret, Anuar was able to drop one of the defenders, and moved to assist Roland and Keeno with the other construct. Keeno used an infusion to bring the warforged back into the fight, and combined with the rest of the party, they were finally victorious.

After a moment for healing, the party had used most of its spells, and all the healing in the fight. They began to examine the foundry for loot, and the item they had came for. Roland found a few choice picks in the armory, items that survived the ravages of time. In addition to a masterwork rapier, and a masterwork heavey mace, he found several weapons and even a masterworked gnome-sized chain shirt.

While he was busy with the armory, Keeno used strangely shaped rods from the fallen iron defenders to disarm a trap on a secured panel in the forge itself. Each of the rods, when placed in order, revealed a storage area below the front of the forge. Inside was the true treasure:

3 orange, viscous potions (later identified as improved potions of healing), 1 unidentified potion (purple liquid with gold flecks), 100 sp, 100 gp, 4 trade bars, and old map and the heirloom they had come for. While the treasure was impressive, it all dated from the War of the Mark. Keeno suggested that if they find a collector for the rare coins, they could improve their profit.

The heirloom, or schema, appeared as an adamantine plate shaped into a seven pointed star.. It was priceless to House Cannith, and the object of their quest. Now, they only had to get home...

After exiting the foundry from within, the party was surprised by an ambush outside the building. The warforged followers of the Lord of Blades were in wait, apparently using the adventurers to handle the defenses so they could steal the item afterwards. However, before the warforged could press the attack, the combined might of the party closed the adamantine door into the foundry, and the used the building as a make-shift fortification. Posting guards, they used the respite to heal and rest before trying to fight off the warforged outside. However, in the time they spent recuperating, the warforged were able to call in reinforcements.
(DM Note: The adventure called for a tough fight at the end, but since they retreated, it gave the warforged a chance to dig in, and prepare more for the coming battle. This almost proved the downfall of the party)

Saber, the warforged leader of the ambushers, and a powerful fighter offered to let the group go, if they turned over the schema. Sensing his ill-intentions, the party tossed the scheme just a short ways outside the door, attempting to use it as cover, and lure the warforged out of hiding. However, one of the followers had snuck up beside the building and had concealed themselves in the shadows nearby.

the warforged rogue snatched the schema from outside the door, but Roland was able to catch the act from his perch on top of the building. Sensing he couldn't let the warforged escape, he called the signal to alert the rest of the party, and did the foolhardy. He threw himself from the top of the building, and in a flying tackle, attempted to take down the thief. He failed however, but his quick reflexes kept him from falling prone at the rogue's feet.

meanwhile, the rest of the part went outside the foundry to engage the other warforged, who were carefully hidden in the rubble to the west. None of the party could find out where the crossbow bolts where coming from, and they moved to engage the rogue. Eckret got a bright idea (pun) and threw a sun rod into the rumble, trying to reveal the location of the marksman. Although his throw fell short, he still managed to light the area near the rogue, and reveal Saber, the leader of the warforged. Zivain cast 'ray of enfeeblement' at the warforged, who returned fire with a crossbow bolt, severely wounding the wizard.

Meanwhile, Anuar and Roland had their hands full with the warforged rogue, who, as 47829 joined the fray, kept retreating, preventing the party from flanking her, or retrieving the schema.

the warforged and Anuar were finally able to kill the rogue, and recover the schema. However, Keeno, who was still firing his crossbow at Saber, could not get a shot past the cover that the warforged was using. As Anuar and 47829 charged the warforged, he was forced to stop shooting to defend himself. Eckret charged around the cover, and cast an inflict into his hand to use against the 'forged.

Keeno began charging up his crossbow with an infusion, while trying to get a good angle for a shot. As the party moved in close against Saber, his powerful attacks began seriously hurting the party. Anuar fell after a heavy blow, followed by Eckret as he attempted to use his inflict on the warforged. Roland followed next, as he tried to shoot an arrow too close to the fighter (read: attack of opportunity).

Things began to look grim for the party. Zivain quaffed a potion, and moved into close combat with his rapier, but 47829 could not do any appreciable damage to Saber. Finally, as Saber reclaimed the schema and began to leave, Keeno found his opening. With a cry, he let loose his heavily magicked bolt, and hit Saber dead in the throat (read: critical hit, 19 damage). Without even being able to cry out, the warforged fell dead. After reviving Eckret with a potion, they were able to get the entire party standing again.

On the body, they found the schema they had worked so hard to keep, and a map leading out of Dorasharn tower. Zivain identified a magical longsword the warforged had been using, but little other treasure. Thankfully, with Saber's map, they were able to exit the tower, and get back to civilization.

Back at the Broken Anvil tavern, the party got a moment to examine their loot, and distributed it among the party. Anuar made contact via the matron with the Lady and informed them of their success.

When Lady Elaydren arrived, she was pleased at their success. Not only did the party receive the reward, but the thanks of House Cannith. Elaydren instructed them to check in periodically with the House Sivis message station at Barmin Tower, because she might have work for them as it became available...

Update to the party: Everyone gained xp to get level 2, and the mage even managed to max out his hitpoint dice. (8 hp... woot!)

Zivain - elf wizard 2
Anuar - shifter soulknife 1/ranger 1
Keeno - gnome artificer 2
47829 - warforged monk 2
Roland - human rogue 2
Eckret - changeling cleric 2

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